August 29, 2008

SCOTUS Documentary Screening

First off, congratulations to Sarah Palin / John McCain and Barack Obama for making history this week. Regardless of political ideology or who wins the election, we should all be proud that the presidency and vice presidency are open to all Americans. Of course, that’s where the agreement ends. And nowhere is the disagreement sharper than over what sort of men and women the next President should appoint to fill the Supreme Court vacancies that will almost surely occur during the new administration.

With that issue front and center in this election, it’s a good time to look back at the Supreme Court confirmations battles of 2005-06. Now there’s a feature documentary that does just that. If you’ll be in Minneapolis next Tuesday, please join us for a screening of this soon-to-be-released film, “Advise & Dissent” by director David Van Taylor (“With God on Our Side” and “A Perfect Candidate”). The screening will be followed by a panel discussion of legal experts, including CFJ’s Curt Levey. See below for details.


Tuesday, September 2, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm (lunch at 12:30 pm)
Schulze Hall Auditorium, University of St. Thomas - Minneapolis Campus
1000 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403

You are invited you to a screening of “Advise & Dissent,” a feature documentary about the recent Supreme Court confirmation battles, followed by a panel discussion of legal experts. Space is limited so please RSVP to or call Mark at 817-658-1085 to guarantee access.

Lunch will be served in the Schulze Hall Atrium at 12:30 pm.

Guest Panel Includes:
Melanie Kirkpatrick, Editor, Wall Street Journal
Curt Levey, Executive Director, Committee for Justice
Chuck Donovan, Executive VP, Family Research Council
Maggie Gallagher, Syndicated Columnist
Teresa Stanton Collett, Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas Law School

Sponsored by the Catholic Working Group and the University of St. Thomas School of Law College Republicans.

Advise & Dissent is a feature documentary about the recent Supreme Court confirmation battles. The film pulls back the curtain on the Roberts, Miers, and Alito nominations. Director David Van Taylor (“With God on Our Side,” “A Perfect Candidate”) sheds new light on the ongoing collision of justice and politics. Preview audiences have called it “riveting” and “gripping.” Viewers have recognized the crucial relevance of this recent history to the present moment. As Jeffrey Toobin wrote in a recent New Yorker: “The stakes in [this] election, for the Supreme Court and all who live by its rulings, are very, very high.”