August 17, 2007

The Most Important Reason to Defeat Hillary?

Yes, yes, I know that it’s early folks, but it’s becoming pretty clear that from coast to coast Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only holding on to her lead in the Democratic presidential primary, she’s expanding that lead.

This might be a good time to remind people of one of the main reasons why conservatives and libertarians need to come together and defeat Senator Clinton next fall: The future of the Supreme Court. Clinton, who voted against Roberts and voted to filibuster Alito, will, at best (from a constitutionalist’s point of view), have the opportunity to replace one or more of the activists on the Court with a younger activist, and at worst will have a chance to replace someone who adheres to the Constitution with someone who would impose left-wing policies via judicial fiat.

John Hawkins mentions this in his column today on entitled, 8 Reasons Why Conservatives Must Defeat Hillary. Here’s the key quote:

Currently, the Supreme Court is balanced on a knife's edge. There are 4 originalist judges who believe in sticking to the Constitution, 4 liberal judges who view the Court as nothing more than a Super Legislature than can be used to push a left-wing agenda, and one moderate judge.

That means the Supreme Court nominees of the next President of the United States will likely tip the balance of the court dramatically to the left or right and with Hillary, of course, you can be sure that the judges would be extremely liberal.