July 11, 2007

Over at BenchMemos, Ed Whelan has a series of posts that launch a scathing attack on the shameful treatment of Leslie Southwick at the hands of PFAW and their Democratic 'puppets' in the Senate.

Whelan points to the hypocrisy of these Democratic Senators (here), eviscerates the baseless and "ridiculous" smear campaign led by PFAW and HRC against Southwick's record and person (here), and cites a letter from the Mississippi National Guard's Adjutant General that gives evidence for Southwick's unassailable character and bravery (here).

Whelan summarizes it best himself:
"In short, the real story here is that Senate Democrats kowtow to their reckless crazies on the Left, even at the expense of according minimally decent treatment to an American hero. This is a disgraceful story that President Bush and Senate Republicans need to make sure the American people know."