June 29, 2007

The end of Brown?

The Opinion Journal: "Brown v. Board of Education has not been overturned".

The New York Times: "Resegregation now" - Brown v. Board of Education has been overturned.

Juan Williams: farewell and good riddance to Brown v. Board of Education.

Much has been made of the Supreme Court's decision regarding the combined cases of Louisville and Seattle - as evidence of a return to segregation, and the death of equality. Williams reminds us that the truth is that "better schools are needed for all children - black, white, brown and every other hue - in order to foster a competitive workforce in a global economy."

The Supreme Court's decision this week highlights the need to turn away from the simplistic rhetoric of constructed 'diversity' and 'preparing our children to live in a pluralistic society', and to embrace instead the difficult questions that must govern our pursuit of a better education system for all. This is the true legacy of Brown - whose goal was never simply "seating black children next to white children in school", but rather the forcible recognition of the right of each child to equal protection under the law. This goal has not yet been achieved, but programs like the ones in Louisville and Seattle are not the way to move forward.