July 27, 2006

A Reminder from Rushton

NRO has posted this article from CFJ Executive Director Sean Rushton reminding the GOP that the issue of judicial nominations has helped them win both state and national elections in the past and could help them win important Senate elections in the future.

The article has been linked to by Matthew Franck over at Bench Memos who notes that Robert Novak has a column out today with a theme similar to Rushton's.

ConfirmThem also has a link to the article along with comments including this one:

The Liti-GATOR Posted on July 27th, 2006 at 12:48 pm. About 'Remember
Judges are the best issue for the GOP. The senate candidates ought to make them a central focus of campaign commercials by reminding voters of the many ridiculous decisions from the courts, especially in the last few years, and let the voters know that they will get more such decisions if the dims win!!!

Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic's political blog has also posted Rushton's article in part along with highlights from a interview Kyl gave to Hugh Hewitt concerning the Haynes nomination.

Finally, Steve Dillard at Southern Appeal links to Rushton's op-ed and asks, "When will Republicans learn that the “judges issue” is one of the strongest reasons to vote for their party?"