April 26, 2006

Abortion support.

At NRO's Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru has an interesting post about public opinion on abortion:

Among the findings:

1) Given six options--abortion should be illegal, illegal with an exception for the life of the mother, illegal with that exception and an exception for rape and incest, legal for any reason in the first trimester, legal for any reason in the first and second trimester, and legal for any reason throughout pregnancy--54 percent choose the three generally pro-life options, and 41 percent the three pro-choice ones. (The full results are 16, 16, 22, 21, 8, and 12. Only 12 percent, that is, support the legal status quo.) The 54-41 result is almost identical to the result of a Wirthlin poll from November 2004 that presented the same options.