March 28, 2006

Outrageous Escapades of the Far Left

The ACLU is groaning about a new decision from the Kansas Board of Education to let parents sign a form to "opt-in" their kids for sex education rather than "opt out." The ACLU laments that "The Kansas State Board of Education has essentially taken away the responsibility of the school district to inform parents of its plans to teach sex education and placed that burden on its young people." Since when is sex education the responsibility of the state's public schools? And it's a bad thing to put that responsibility in the hands of the parents just to let them sign off and know what the school is teaching in the curriculum? It's funny how the ACLU criticizes our government's secrecy in fighting the war on terror and threats to our security, but it has no problem defending school districts that fight against accountability and transparency. is urging its members to sign an online petition supporting Feingold's censure motion against President Bush and have it sent to their senator ( They enthusiastically claim that they have almost reached their goal of 500,000 signatures, but they fail to mention that their original goal of 1 million signatures had to trimmed down by 50% when it became clear that they couldn't garner that kind of support. When you already have 400,000 signatures and you have to drop your goal all the way down to 500,000, I guess that doesn't look too bad.