January 30, 2006

They're Taking It Well

You know, you can always count on the Angry Left to take embarrassing defeats with grace, class and humility. Here's a sampling of some of the comments on AMERICAblog:

Oh why the f--- bother?BludevlsAdvocate 01.30.06 - 5:44 pm #

I am not giving another cent to the Demopublican party.Anonymous 01.30.06 - 5:47 pm #

WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED!This is the absolute last straw! I'm gonna go watch some television and eat some nachos.jojo 01.30.06 - 5:52 pm #

Let's leave the union. F---tards.The Raving Badger Homepage 01.30.06 - 5:53 pm #

Be warned, this paves the way for Bush to cancel further elections 'for national security' and for the other two brances of govt let it stick. NEvermind the fact that civil rights are going to get rolled right back to the 19th century and beyond. Pretty soon it will be legal to own pwoplw again, nevermind the endless discrimnination this will bring.AdmNaismith 01.30.06 - 5:53 pm #

It's a very sad day in this Democratic country. Unfortunately, both of my state senators are republicans and Saxby Chamblis is deaf. I have no voice in the senate. It's so sad.Please vote in the Brokeback Mountain Poll if you haven't already done so. Thanks Much!!Billyga 01.30.06 - 6:01 pm #

Senator Cantwell was one of the 17?!?! MY Senator?!?!?! Oh Maria, we hardly knew ye.Oh she is in for a nasty primary...Galactic Dustbin Homepage 01.30.06 - 6:01 pm #

DISILLUSIONED...oh I think so.matt 01.30.06 - 6:12 pm #

oohh. I can't wait 'til some poor Dem sap calls me asking for money! Poor bastard's gonna get an earful!dAVE 01.30.06 - 6:17 pm #

Can we all drop the O'Connor worship now? She was at best a mixed curse. At worst she was the one who voted to make George W. Bush king so he could name her successor. She was a Republican tool, somewhat more pragmatic than the trollish nutzoids who will now vote to overturn all of those swing votes of hers. But she was always one of them.EPT 01.30.06 - 6:20 pm #

My plan was to get out of this sick Fascist Country by July.If I had any shred of doubt about whether I was doing the right thing, well that was just removed. So long America, it was great while it lasted.The Angry Hobbit Homepage 01.30.06 - 6:22 pm #

Great idea! I vote for Paris. The people are obnoxious, the food is fabulous - I'll feel right at home there.Ed Sikov Homepage 01.30.06 - 6:44 pm

Lierberman voted against it!YOU VILE SON OF A B----! TRAITOR!jojo 01.30.06 - 6:25 pm #

IF HARRY REID could NOT keep the caucus together THEN he NEEDS TO BE REPLACED AS WELL. REPUBLICANS have no problem keeping their NAZI CAUCUS together. Again, NO MORE MONEY for Democrats. I HAVE NO REPRESENTATION IN CONGRESS.cowboyNEOK 01.30.06 - 6:29 pm #


On the bright side, tomorrow night's clap-fest for Bush would be a prime target for terrorists. Too bad all the terrorists are Republicans.anonymous 01.30.06 - 6:47 pm #

I say f--- the a------ hick voters in the red states, particularly places like the Dakotas and Nebraska, who by and large show the strongest support for fascists and Demopublicans.TM Conroy 01.30.06 - 6:50 pm #

My God, I can't believe I live in a fascist country. America has gone Nazi. God help us. Wait until the Unitary executive decides not to step down from office.Bubbles 01.30.06 - 6:51 pm #

I give up...f--- this.VS 01.30.06 - 6:35 pm #