January 10, 2006

A Very Different Ted Kennedy Indeed!

Adding to John's evidence below of a "Different Ted Kennedy" I offer this 11 year old news....

In 1994 Senator Kennedy opted to defend Justice Stephen Breyer in his confirmation hearings when he was questioned on the matter of recusal.

At the time, Justice Breyer refused to recuse himself from environmental cases while he held investments in a firm that insured polluters.

Here is Kennedy's quote from the 7-14-94 record of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

"You've asked from my opinion whether Judge Breyer's committed a violation of judicial ethics in Lloyd's name and insurance underwriting while being a federal judge. In my opinion, there was no violation of judicial ethics."

To say the least, it was ironic that Kennedy decided to grill Judge Alito on the Vanguard recusal, even when the ABA wrote in a special report released today:

"Judge Alito enjoys an excellent reputation for integrity and character...." and the Vanguard matter does "not reflect adversely on him."

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