January 11, 2006

Former Attorney General Ed Meese on Senator Kennedy: "Totally Hypocritical"

Today Brian Burch (the co-founder of Fidelis) interviewed Formal Attorney General Ed Meese for our Podcast covering Judge Alito's confirmation hearings.

You can listen to the interview by clicking HERE.

General Meese shared some very blunt thoughts about Senator Kennedy attacking Judge Alito over the Vanguard recusal:


On a separate note, Senator Kennedy and others have attacked Judge Alito's ethics in regard to the Vanguard recusal issue. In light of Judge Alito's responses and the fact that the ABA did review this issue, and gave him a unanimmous well-qualified rating, how would you describe these attacks?


I would say again the attacks are political and it's totally hypocritical and false for anybody like Senator Kennedy, of all people, to question anyone's ethics, in view of his own past background. So, I think it is just politics and I think the ABA rating of well-qualified, their highest rating, which was unanimous, really says it all about Judge Alito.

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