January 10, 2006

The Disgraceful Attacks on Judge Alito

Where should I begin on the disgraceful attacks we have seen in yesterday's opening statements and in today's questioning of Judge Alito???

We at Fidelis released this brief statement in the last hour:

Senator Sepcter has done an excellent job in maintaining dignified confirmation hearings for Judge Alito.

It is unfortunate that Senators Leahy, Kennedy, Schumer and Durbin have already disgraced the hearings with dishonest and wild-eyed attacks that are complete distortions of Judge Alito's rulings.

You know it is the 2006 election year in Washington, D.C. when Left wing groups force their allies in the Senate to offer nothing but flabby and baseless attacks that smear the impeccable integrity of Judge Alito.

One of the most egregious attacks by Senators on the Vanguard recusal issue was completely dismissed by the release (today) of the American Bar Association report which stated: "Judge Alito enjoys an excellent reputation for integrity and character..." and that the Vanguard matter does "not reflect adversely on him."

These attacks are disgraceful and are becoming of the Senate.

It is very interesting to see a bit of a fissure between the Democrats on the Judiciary. When Senator Biden spoke (which was after Senator Kennedy's shrill attack on Judge Alito's character over the Vanguard recusal), Biden stated: "I think you're a man of integrity."

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