December 12, 2005

Senator Tim Johnson Being Targetted by Planned Parenthood

This is my inaugural blog with CFJ and thank Sean and Curt for the opportunity to join their list of contributors. By way of brief background, I am President of Fidelis, a Catholic-based advocacy group that has played an active role in this year's confirmation battles. We are based in Chelsea, Michigan and have a small office in Washington, D.C.

One week ago today, Fidelis launched a Christmas ad campaign that highlights our Judeo-Christian roots and referes to Judge Alito's ruling in the ACLU v Schundler that you can view by clicking here. It has gotten quite a bit of press coverage and forced the Religious Left to hold a press conference to which CFJ and Fidelis countered with their own.

Regarding Senator Johnson being targeted by Planned Parenthood, Fidelis discovered PP is calling South Dakota residents and patching them through to Johnson's D.C. office, who then tell him to oppose the nomination of Judge Alito because "he will overturn Roe v Wade."

Last Thursday we sent a press release which in part I stated: "Planned Parenthood is engaged in very risky politics by bringing their extreme position on abortion into South Dakota, a well known pro-life state. Senator Johnson must reject the political litmus tests imposed on judicial nominees by radical pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood. The place for policy politics is the Congress not the courts."

You can read Friday's AP coverage on this in the Aberdeen American News by clicking here. Johnson's comments are as strained as Daschle's were in August/September of 2004 before he started to unravel on the abortion issue.

The Rapid City Journal also picked up the topic on Saturday and you can read it here.

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