December 15, 2005

NARAL Attacks Alito

NARAL Pro-Choice America just issued their Alito Report entitled: "Liberty at Risk: The Vulnerability of Reproductive Rights Under Alito" which you can read about here.

This is the opening shot of an onslaught of attacks from pro-abortion radicals who support unregulated abortion on demand, 24-7, 365.

It is 24 pages long, which I'm sure is full of predictible stuff, but here are a couple of snapshots:

"Whether Samuel Alito would vote to overrule Roe v. Wade and whether his vote would be the last necessary step to Roe’s demise are not the only questions before the Senate or the American public. For overruling Roe is not the only way to end legal abortion or make access so difficult, expensive, and dangerous that abortion’s legality is practically meaningless. Indeed, overturning Roe outright is not the most likely avenue for the Court and anti-choice legislatures to take in the near term.

"Stacking the Court with Justices who are indisposed to find a state regulation to be an “undue burden” is as sure a way of ending legal abortion for many women in much of the country as is overturning Roe. It’s just far more subtle and less likely to create political backlash."

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