December 08, 2005

The expectations game.

PFAW is promoting a CBS poll showing that the Alito confirmation is “far from settled,” which is probably true. After all, most Americans do not make up their minds definitively until they have seen a nominee testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, most Americans still presume the President has a right to deference in his judicial appointments, and that nominees should only be rejected under highly unusual circumstances beyond ideology.

Any how, PFAW’s agenda is obvious: throw out enough accusations that the press reports the nominee as “controversial,” then, spin some line or another from the hearings as proof. Look for a barrage of liberal ads and events around the hearings, particularly after. These “see-what-sticks” attacks have already found takers at several of the nation’s premiere news outlets.

Another area for reportorial vigilance: more skeptical reporting on liberal groups opposing Alito. Puh-lease. As Third Branch Conference chairman Manny Miranda wrote yesterday in response to reports that the Congressional Black Caucus opposed Alito, “Oh, my lord. Say it isn't so. This must be ratings week. What’s next – Durbin in a dress?”

Remember reporters: the Left didn’t lay a glove on John Roberts, so their funders expect more this time around. Expect a harsh and extended attack from liberal interests on Judge Alito, and consider the motives behind it when reporting it to the country.

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