December 28, 2005

Carville's prediction.

On NBC today, Democratic strategist James Carville gave Republicans hope for better-than-expected returns in 2006 Senate races:

    BROWN: Item number two. All eyes will be on the president's second Supreme Court nominee as we approach the confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito. Will he get confirmed?

    CARVILLE: I think so, but it will be a really big fight. I think they will go nuclear on a filibuster. The Democrats will mount a vigorous campaign. I think there will be big ethics questions and it will be an event that is a historical fight. The math is tough for the Democrats to overcome. I think the country will be treated to a huge civics lesson.

    BROWN: Not like with John Roberts?

    CARVILLE: No, and I think it will be pretty bitter and protracted and be a lot of procedural motions before this is over.
Unfortunately, Carville aside, there's virtually no way that red and purple state Democrats such as Ben Nelson, Tim Johnson, Kent Conrad, Conrad Burns, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Ken Salazar, Robert Byrd, et al. will allow their party to drive off the cliff this way.

Nevertheless, Carville is tapped into liberal DC circles, so when he mentions a big fight over Alito's ethics, it's worth paying attention.

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